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The 404 733: Where we do it without glasses (podcast)

It's the first day of CES 2011 and there's already so much to talk about, so Clayton Morris joins us for a best-of today that includes the Blackberry Playbook, the Nintendo 3DS, 3D cameras, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Star Wars Blu-Rays, the Apple Mac App Store, gaming laptops, and more!

It's the first official day of CES 2011 and we're joined by our buddy Clayton Morris of Fox and Friends who takes a moment out of his busy day to show us a couple cool gadgets he saw today. We always enjoy a game of show and tell, and Clayton doesn't disappoint with the Steadicam Smoothee, a handheld steadicam that you can use with an Apple iPhone, a Motorola DROID, or a Flip Mino video camera.

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Next up in the rundown is a show favorite that seems to be making ripples throughout CES- it's the official Angry Birds board game by Mattel!

If you're a non-gamer like myself, Angry Birds is the insanely popular virtual game currently available for digital download on mobile devices like the iPhone and Android phones, but the creators, Rovio Mobile, and Mattel have just announced a physical board game version here at CES 2011.

The analog game plays just like the virtual phenomenon: set up the obstacle course according to the card you choose, place a a bird in the catapult, and take aim at the familiar green pigs trying to steal your precious eggs. As Natali says, the game is rated for ages five and up since it contains small pieces that could be harmful if swallowed, so take caution if you have children or child-like gamers in your life. Angry Birds the board game will be available for purchase in May for $14.95.

And speaking of games, Jeff was treated to a preview of the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console today, and it sounds like the little guy will definitely live up to the hype. The 3D effects pop the moment you pick it up, and Jeff's demo of the game "Pilotwings" effectively showed off the 3D slider that lets you adjust the degree of 3D intensity. Alternatively, you can also turn off the effect altogether if you have children under 6 that Nintendo advises should not use the device.

While Jeff and Wilson are giddy about gaming, I find myself shifting focus to other that appeal to my own lifestyle. Enter the Campbell Soup wireless cooking cup. It's being shown off at the Wireless Power Consortium and it stands to change the way we think about cooking soup.

All jokes aside, the technology behind the idea is pretty sweet- the soup container uses eCoupled wireless charging technology to heat up the soup from inside the package according to one of three power settings: low, medium, or high. We're not sure how this will ultimately aide in the heating of foods that aren't pre-cooked, but any device that saves me from washing a pot is a showstopper in my book.

There's plenty more news from CES 2011 to talk about today including the Blackberry Playbook, the Star Wars Blu-Ray set, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, Microsoft Kinect news, OnLive built into Vizio television sets and more, so thanks for listening and catch us again tomorrow LIVE from the showroom floor!

Episode 733


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