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Telstra's new hybrid home modem taps into 4G

The Gateway Frontier will keep your home internet connected my using Telstra's mobile network if your regular internet connection drops out.


Telstra's Gateway Frontier is a new hybrid home modem that will automatically connect to the telco's 4G network if your regular home broadband service is disrupted. The modem will also be capable of connecting 20 devices simultaneously.

While the Gateway Frontier won't incur additional charges on top of your regular internet connection if it needs to tap into the mobile network, you won't be seeing typical 4G speeds. Australia's mobile networks tend to outstrip its home broadband, but if the Gateway Frontier is connected to 4G the modem is throttled to a maximum speed of 6Mbs download, 1Mbs upload.

Telstra customers can purchase the new hybrid modem between Feb 14 and March 27 for AU$216 or for AU$9 monthly repayments with an eligible 24-month home bundle.

It was rolled out as part of Telstra's Network 2020 strategy. The telco late last year unveiled a plan to invest in a range of products to bring a "consistent, reliable and simple experience" to customers.

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