Telecoms look to the future

The heavy hitters at TelecomNext in Las Vegas focus on broadband, TV, wireless and radical transformations in the telecom business.

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Phone companies, cable operators and content providers convening this week at the TelecomNext trade show in Las Vegas tout strategies for attracting customers, and emphasize what they say are the dangers of overregulation.

Broadband giants say Net neutrality fears misguided

Verizon, AT&T offer special pipes to businesses to link offices. The new idea extends that concept to content delivery, they say.
Photo: Ciccone, Tauke talk
March 24, 2006

Verizon exemption could make businesses pay

Broadband deregulation could cause higher prices for Verizon's business customers and eliminate competition, say critics.
March 22, 2006

Photos: Industry heads address TelecomNext

CEOs use the telecom trade show to declare the consumer king as their companies vie for market share.
March 22, 2006

Telecom bosses say customer is real boss

video AT&T CEO Ed Whitacre talks IPTV and Net neutrality, and defends proposed merger with BellSouth.
March 21, 2006

AT&T chief, FCC chair clarify on Net neutrality

AT&T CEO says he has no plans to degrade service, FCC chairman says companies should be allowed to recoup costs.
March 21, 2006

FCC chairman talks Net neutrality to telecoms

video Kevin Martin talks about importance of allowing network providers to recoup their investments in infrastructure.
March 21, 2006

AT&T next to seek business broadband deregulation

FCC lifted certain business broadband regulations for Verizon, now AT&T wants same exemptions.
March 21, 2006

Newest telecom CEO speaks

video Dan Hesse, head of embarq, addresses the crowd at TelecomNext in Las Vegas.
March 21, 2006

Customer is king in new telecom era

CEOs at TelecomNext declare that consumers are the focus of new and aggressive strategies for expanding their markets.
March 20, 2006

Microsoft, Deutsche Telekom finalize IPTV deal

Redmond continues to rack up big contracts for its Internet Protocol-based TV software.
March 21, 2006

BellSouth's WiMax offered as broadband backup

Company will market its WiMax wireless service as a disaster-ready add-on to its regular broadband service.
March 20, 2006

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What's next in telecommunications?

CEOs from the major phone companies meet this week in Las Vegas, as they face major changes in the industry.
March 20, 2006

Taking sides on Net neutrality

The hot-button issue pits online giants such as Google and Amazon against the big phone companies and gear makers.
March 15, 2006