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Tech lobbying groups look into possible merger

AEA and ITAA look to present united front to Washington, and together would represent more than 2,000 companies.

Two tech trade and lobby groups say they are exploring a merger.

The two groups together would represent more than 2,000 companies--right now AEA has 2,500 member companies, the Information Technology Association of America about 350, with some overlap. The two say becoming one would increase their size and clout.

ITAA and AEA (formerly known as the American Electronics Association) would complement each other, according to AEA President Christopher Hansen. AEA lobbies mainly at the state level, while ITAA works with at the federal and international level.

The merger is not a done deal yet, but both groups say that there needs to be further consolidation in tech lobbying. The industry has several other trade groups as well: including the Consumer Electronics Association, the Computer & Communications Industry Association, the Computing Technology Industry Association, the Business Software Alliance, and the Information Technology Industry Council.