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Tech by the numbers

Accounting and corporate governance are now sources of heated debate in the tech industry, and this week was especially fiery.

Accounting and corporate governance are now sources of heated debate, and this week was especially fiery. The technology industry stands alert to find out how it will be affected by a new corporate governance law and proposed stock option bills--including one that would prevent top executives from selling their shares while still employed with their company.

Senator proposes stock option reforms
Joseph Lieberman introduces the Rank and File Stock Options Act, seeking fair play in compensation programs popular in the technology industry and elsewhere.
August 2, 2002

Tech learns lessons of accounting woes
Corporate governance has become a hot topic, with tech executives struggling to make sense of President Bush's new law and the changes it could require.
July 31, 2002

Ellison: No funny business at Oracle
Amid the aftermath of the California debacle, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison swears an oath that the database company's financial results are correct--on orders from the SEC.
July 30, 2002

Accounting options: A new tech order
Technology companies fighting against changes in how stock options are expensed are battling the Federal Reserve Board, the U.S. Congress, investors and, now, each other.
July 30, 2002

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SEC probe rattles AOL investors
AOL Time Warner shares tumble as worries of a Securities and Exchange Commission inquiry overshadow the company's second-quarter profit.

Amazon to expense options
The online retailer is one of the first tech companies to announce a switch, starting next year. Will other tech companies follow suit?

Options debate: Clean out your ears
Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., have nothing in common--especially when it comes to the latest debate over stock option accounting, CNET's Charles Cooper says.

Why the options party is over
Transamerica Investment Management portfolio manager Kenneth Broad says that Silicon Valley's arguments against expensing stock options are not only a prime example of faulty accounting--they're also driven by self-serving myth.

IRS freezes stock tax plan
Tech workers breathe a sigh of relief as the IRS announces it has indefinitely postponed its plan to collect payroll taxes on certain stock-based employee benefits starting next year.