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Taller iPod Touch screen parts already spotted in the wild

With a taller iPhone, there's a very good chance a taller iPod Touch is on the way too. New parts suggest that will be the case.

Is the iPod Touch about to get bigger?
Is the iPod Touch about to get bigger?

The rumor mill continues to grind with chatter of an iPhone with a larger screen, and if new mystery parts are to be believed, the iPod Touch will receive a similar makeover.

Macrumors today posts photos of white and black front panels, said to belong to Apple's next-generation iPod Touch and sourced from an unnamed supplier. Of note, the area for the screen measures 4.1-inches diagonally as opposed to the 3.5-inches, which has been the same for all four generations of the device.

While unclear if the part is legit, or the source the same, MacRumors recentlyposted photos of the third-generation iPad's panel with specs that matched up to the final product, several weeks before it was officially announced.

The unique size comes just behind a claim made by Apple blog 9to5Mac that Appleis testing two iPhone variants, including one with a 3.95-inch display. Recent claims from The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and Reuters have also said that Apple plans to increase the screen size of the next iPhone.

The Touch remains Apple's most popular iPod in the product family. The product is derived from the iPhone, and typically gets carryover hardware features -- from screens to internal components -- several months after new versions of the iPhone are released. However with the move to a fall release with last year's iPhone 4S, Apple simply gave the iPod Touch a white version and cut the price on the entry-level model.

In addition to publishing photos of the screens, MacRumors, along with Badgizmo Repair, posted shots of alleged front and rear camera parts, as well as the home button, all said to be headed for the the next iPhone.

Apple is expected follow a similar release schedule for the next iPhone as it did last year, releasing something new in the fall. Prior to that, the company tended to release phones during the summer. Apple is, however, rumored to bring some hardware updates in the next few weeks at its annual developers conference, debuting retooled versions of its notebooks and a new major version of iOS.