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Taking stock of Sun

Shareholders stir up some stormy weather at the company's annual meeting, as Sun shines a light on upcoming products.

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Investors stirred up some sensitive issues at the Sun Microsystems annual meeting, as the company lended insight on its upcoming products.

Sun investors just say 'no' to poison pills

updateShareholders at the annual meeting overwhelmingly support a proposal to remove the company's anti-takeover measures.
October 27, 2005

Sun's CFO to retire

Stephen McGowan, who has worked at the company for 14 years, plans to leave in June.
October 27, 2005

Shareholders call for action

Influential firm is advising Sun investors to vote for shareholder input on the use of any potential poison pills.
October 25, 2005

High expectations for Niagara

The forthcoming processor embraces both the multicore and multithreading approaches more aggressively than IBM, Intel or AMD.
October 25, 2005

Running a rival OS? Sun wants you

Java Enterprise System server middleware now supports Windows and HP-UX and Sun has a new plan to expand its Java Desktop System to more Linux flavors.
October 25, 2005

Fujitsu plans four-core Sparc chip

The Sparc64 VI+ processor will have clock speeds of at least 2.7GHz, the company says.
October 25, 2005

Sun to update Solaris 10 by year end

Upgrade will include the Newboot start-up process and Sun software that alerts users to further updates.
October 24, 2005

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Investors size up McNealy

While they may agree with his strategy for turning the company around, Sun investors still wonder if Scott McNealy is up to the task.
October 18, 2005

Sun's gloomy side

The computer maker has usually fallen short of its potential in software and storage. Can new plans turn things around?
October 18, 2005

New hopes from Sun's idea factory

Can Sun recover the financial health it lost when the dot-com bubble burst? In a two-part series, CNET News.com looks at whether it's on the right track.
October 17, 2005

Sun and Google shake hands

Multiyear partnership will develop and distribute Google Toolbar, Java, OpenOffice and OpenSolaris--and Google will buy lots more Sun servers.
October 4, 2005