Taking sides on Net neutrality

Hot-button issue pits online giants like Google, Amazon against phone companies and gear makers.

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The hot-button issue is pitting online giants such as Google and Amazon against the big phone companies and gear makers like Cisco Systems. It's a hot topic in Washington, too.

Broadband giants say Net neutrality fears misguided

Verizon, AT&T offer special pipes to businesses to link offices. The new idea extends that concept to content delivery, they say.
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March 24, 2006

Avoiding half measures on Net Neutrality

perspective Tropos Networks CEO Ron Sege says Congress should look to enhanced competition, not prescriptive regulation.
March 24, 2006

AT&T chief, FCC chair clarify on Net neutrality

AT&T CEO says he has no plans to degrade service, FCC chairman says companies should be allowed to recoup costs.
March 21, 2006

Qwest CEO supports tiered Internet

Richard Notebaert says it's a good idea to offer different levels of service for companies like Google and Amazon.
March 15, 2006

A better idea for Net neutrality

perspective Policy analyst Randolph J. May says the time is right for advocates to step back from the precipice.
March 15, 2006

Debate heats up over level playing field

Companies split over whether Congress should prevent phone carriers from charging Internet providers for using their networks.
March 15, 2006

Senator: Net neutrality may not happen

Commerce Chairman Ted Stevens seems lukewarm to mandatory Net neutrality, and analysts say it's not a good idea.
March 14, 2006

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From "Lost" episodes to movie trailer mash-ups, the volume of video online is skyrocketing, putting new stress on ISP networks.
February 23, 2006

Without 'Net neutrality,' will consumers pay twice?

If some telecommunications carriers get their way, consumers could end up handing over more for the broadband content and services they use.
February 7, 2006

Playing favorites on the Net?

A proposal in Congress could tip the scales toward some services and create a two-tiered Internet.
December 21, 2005