Take a shower with this Bluetooth speaker

The iShower is a $99.99 water-resistant Bluetooth speaker that allows you to get streaming tunes in your shower.

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David Carnoy
The water-resistant--but not waterproof--iShower retails for $99.99. idevicesinc.com

The picture says it all on this one, but the iShower is designed to stick to the wall in your shower and stream tunes from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled device.

Here are the down-and-dirty details:

  • Play, pause, forward, rewind, and volume functions.
  • 200-foot range--leave your device anywhere in your home away from potential water damage.
  • 15 hours of streaming audio on 3 AA batteries (included).
  • Water resistant (alas, not waterproof).
  • Time-of-day display.
  • Easy to install, with no tools required (or so the company says).
  • Detaches, which means you can use it elsewhere.
  • Standing and hanging options.
  • Optional antifog shower mirror.
  • Price: $99.99

Personally, I think the picture could be enhanced a bit to give us a more realistic, lifestyle view of what using the product would be like, but hey, I understand the company's desire to keep things clean.