Symantec brewing Java tools

Symantec launches a new Java tool package aimed at developers building corporate intranet applications.

Mike Ricciuti Staff writer, CNET News
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Mike Ricciuti
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Symantec (SYMC) today launched a new Java development package aimed at developers building corporate intranet applications.

Visual Caf? is aimed at developers familiar with the visual, drag and drop programming styles of Microsoft Visual Basic and Borland International's Delphi development tools.

Visual Caf? lets developers assemble Java applications using prebuilt Java Beans components. Java Beans is an API (application programming interface) that allows software vendors to build reusable Java components that can then be stitched together into cross-platform applications through tools such as Visual Caf? as well tools from Microsoft, Borland, IBM, and others.

Symantec launched its first Java tool, Symantec Caf?, earlier this year as a package intended to give C and C++ programmers a way to ease into development of Java components and applets. Visual Java targets enterprise-level developers building large-scale intranet and client-server applications, typically built using Powersoft PowerBuilder, Visual Basic, or Delphi.

The company intends to deliver a third Java tool, called Visual Caf? Pro for Windows, by month's end. The tool builds on Visual Caf? by adding database development tools borrowed from Symantec's dbAnywhere middleware software. The added database tools will allow developers to build complete front-end to back-end applications completely in Java.

Symantec is not alone in courting intranet developers with Java tools. Last week Powersoft announced a Java tool, code-named Starbuck, which will include database links.

Visual Caf? is priced at $199.95. Visual Caf? Pro will cost $499.95. Both tools run on Windows 95 and Windows NT. A Power Macintosh version of Visual Caf? is planned.