Sybase ships SQL database for Linux

The software company now offers its Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio database on Linux.

Sybase today began shipping its mobile and embedded database for Linux.

The Emeryville, California-based software company said it now offers its Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio database on Linux. The company has already announced plans to ship a fully supported, feature-complete version of its flagship database, Adaptive Server Enterprise, for the Linux operating system.

Priced at $399 for one user, or $999 for five users, SQL Anywhere Studio supports Red Hat Linux 5.1 and 5.2.

SQL Anywhere Studio enables users to synchronize data from enterprise servers and workgroup servers to laptops and handheld computing and embedded devices, the company said.

A beta program including more than 1,000 customers and partners demonstrated what Sybase considered a significant demand for its mobile and embedded database solution to power enterprise applications on the Linux platform.

In addition, Sybase likely will port its Enterprise Connect software available under Linux later this year, though the possibility still is under evaluation, according to the company.

Linux began as a noncommercial programming project by Linus Torvalds and hundreds of other programmers, but the operating system is now entering the for-profit landscape. In the last year, the operating system has been embraced by many big-name hardware and software companies, and one seller of Linux, Red Hat, has filed for an initial public offering. Other resellers, including Caldera and VA Linux Systems are expected to follow suit.