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Sybase customizes data warehousing

Sybase launches a series of data warehousing packages fit for the insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, and retail banking industries.

Sybase today launched a series of data warehousing packages fit for the insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, and retail banking industries.

The Emeryville, California-based company said in a statement that its four new application packages called Industry Warehouse Studios contain a range of applications for company-specific data warehouses. The packages are designed to help minimize risk, "significantly" reduce deployment time, and provide increased return on investment, according to the company.

"The Industry Warehouse Studios...allow users to identify and analyze critical data, specific to their industry," Eric Miles, a Sybase senior vice president, said in a statement.

The four new studios are Property and Casualty Insurance Warehouse Studio, Healthcare Warehouse Studio, Telco Warehouse Studio, and Retail Banking Warehouse Studio. Each of the industry studios consists of three cross-industry applications and one industry-specific application, the software maker said.

The business performance analysis application serves as the "engine" for each of the industry studios, and works by tracking business operations, by delivering analytical reports, and by delivering sales and marketing information for that specific industry.

Other applications include--the campaign analysis, which analyzes target markets, customer profile analysis, which researches customer relationships, and the sales analysis, which analyzes sales using a variety of research methods.

"By providing a common technology base for different industries, Sybase offers a unique advantage by making it possible to integrate information across industry sectors,'' said Michael Burwen, president of the Consortium for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Research. "For example, if an insurance company acquires a healthcare firm, then the information for both segments can be integrated because the technology framework is common to both markets."

Property and Casualty Insurance, Sybase Healthcare, Sybase Telco, and Sybase Retail Banking warehouse studios are currently available on Unix and NT, the company said. Industry Warehouse Studios for the credit card, utility, life insurance, and retail industries will be available later this year.

Pricing for the Industry Warehouse Studio applications starts at $100,000.