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Survey: Customers happy with Adobe Creative Cloud so far

A Jefferies survey finds Adobe customers happy with the company's Creative Cloud, a subscription plan for a broad swath of Adobe products and services.

Adobe Creative Cloud logo

The shift by Adobe Systems toward its Creative Cloud subscription plan looks to be popular with customers, a Jefferies survey of some of them shows.

Adobe is making its entire Creative Suite of software available for an introductory price of $30 per month for annual commitments, with a regular $50 monthly price to kick in later. The subscription also includes services, software that's not part of the CS products, and early updates that traditional perpetual-license customers won't get until CS7.

Jefferies asked customers about their sentiments in a follow-up to a 2012 survey with CNET.

"The majority of subscribers were positive on renewing their annual Creative Cloud subscription, despite the potential price increase to $50 per month," Jefferies analysts said in a report today. "Creative Cloud subscription renewal concerns seem to be overstated [and] Adobe's goal of adding net new users to the CS base is working."

The analysts also said that subscribers use three Adobe products on average, meaning they're unlikely to switch to the cheaper single-product subscriptions Adobe also offers.