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Sun serves Java to corporate developers

Sun Microsystems is now shipping tools for corporate developers to create internal software applications.

Sun Microsystems (SUNW) is now shipping tools for corporate developers to create internal software applications: Internet WorkShop development suite and version 2.0 of its Solaris NEO deployment environment.

The tools are designed to reduce development costs by helping developers create new software components that work seamlessly with existing applications and data.

"The shift towards Internet and network computing has dramatically increased our customers' needs for an environment that enables software components to be distributed across a network," said Janpieter Scheerder, president of SunSoft.

The new products are designed to let developers create and deploy Web-based applications that interoperate with other vendors' software.

Internet WorkShop, which replaces the earlier Workshop NEO, includes tools for developing Java client and scalable C++ server applications. Solaris NEO 2.0 provides the software infrastructure necessary to distribute and manage client-server applications for private intranets or the public Internet.

Solaris NEO's interoperability stems from its using the industry-standard CORBA 2.0 Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP) to link applications from multiple vendors' CORBA environments.

Internet WorkShop includes the following:

  • Java WorkShop, a Java-based Web interface that lets customers develop Java clients for the Web on the Web.

  • NEOworks, software that lets developers encapsulate code built with Visual WorkShop for C++ and distribute it via the corporate network.

  • Visual WorkShop C++, the Solaris development environment.

    Components of Solaris NEO, which lets customers scale their network as needs change, are the following:

  • Joe 2.0 software, which connects Java applets running in a Web browser to enterprise applications on corporate servers, allowing customers to leverage legacy systems for Internet and intranet applications.

  • NEO Connectivity for Microsoft Windows, which lets customers integrate their PC desktops with Solaris NEO application servers.

  • Solstice NEO administration tools for managing networks from any location with dynamic load balancing.

    Suggested U.S. list prices are $195 for Solaris NEO 2.0, $5,995 for Internet WorkShop.