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Sun selects Netscape for Solaris

The company says it has selected Netscape's Communicator software for its workstation computers.

Netscape Communications (NSCP) saw a little Sun through the clouds of bad news today.

Sun Microsystems (SUN) announced today that it has selected Netscape's Communicator software as an option for its Solaris workstations.

The good news for the browser company comes on the same day Netscape announced it will be laying off up to 400 workers and taking a $35 million restructuring charge when it announces its earnings later this month.

The Sun workstations will come bundled with Communicator, which includes the Navigator Internet browser and intranet support. The line also will include the HotJava browser and trial versions of Sun's JavaStudio, JavaWorkShop, and Sun VisualWorkShop development products.

Sun will preinstall the software on its new low-cost line of workstations, Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 power workstations. The Ultra 5 is priced under $3,000 and features a 270MHz UltraSPARC IIi RISC processor, 64MB of memory, a 4.3GB hard drive, and 1.44MB floppy drive. The higher-end Ultra 10 starts at $6,395 and contains 300MHz UltraSPARC IIi processor, 512KB of external cache, 64MB of memory, 4.3GB hard drive, and 1.44MB floppy drive.

Reuters contributed to this report.