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Sun heats up

roundup Sun Microsystems plans a redesign of its UltraSparc line and chooses AMD laptop chips for its upcoming blade servers. Also: Potshots from Microsoft.

roundup Sun Microsystems chooses AMD to sharpen its blades and looks ahead at UltraSparc and data center operations. Also: Potshots from Microsoft.

The company will outline this week the future of its UltraSparc processors and its data center management initiative.
February 24, 2003

The server maker says it will use the laptop version of Advanced Micro Devices' Athlon XP processor in its upcoming "blade" servers--but it's not turning its back on Intel.
February 24, 2003

The computing systems manufacturer kicks off a campaign to win customers in the education market by offering hardware discounts and a new omnibus software license.
February 24, 2003

The software giant goes on the offensive in the antitrust case brought against it by Sun Microsystems, accusing its bitter rival of "unfair competition."
February 21, 2003

A judge rules that a former employee failed to prove that the company significantly violated employment law.
February 21, 2003