Sun considers new Net servers for Java

Sun considers new servers specifically to serve up Java applets for the Internet.

CNET News staff
Sun Microsystems Computer, Sun's hardware arm, is considering a new line of servers based its existing Netra architecture but designed specifically to serve up the Java applets that it hopes will soon be everywhere there's an Internet connection.

Although product plans and delivery dates have not been nailed down yet, Sun Microsystems Computer is looking into a few different categories of servers, according to a spokeswoman. The list of possible Java server variations includes applet servers for delivering Java programs to PCs, a server for thin clients such as Network Computers, and an "applet catcher" server that will process, for example, Java agents that query databases and return results to the client.

Other companies have similar plans on the drawing boards, said the Sun spokeswoman.

The Java programming language is already working its way into browsers, desktop, and server operating systems, Network Computer operating systems, microprocessors, and soon server hardware.

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