Suite software for legacy systems

Looking to bring legacy systems into the Internet age, Cisco will enhance file services and let Digital's DECnet protocol run over TCP/IP with an enhanced software suite.

CNET News staff
Cisco Systems (CSCO) will include enhanced file services and a tool that lets Digital Equipment's DECnet protocol run over TCP/IP with an enhanced software suite, bringing legacy systems into the Internet age.

Cisco MultiNet for OpenVMS 4.0 is the result of the $115 million acquisition of TGV Software, which was completed in March. The suite will make it easy for corporations to migrate to TCP/IP-based networks, according to Donna Nutile, product line manager for Cisco's MultiNet.

The Phase/IP tool lets users run DECnet applications over TCP/IP-based networks, a much-needed feature for older Digital networks. Network File System (NFS) client and server software are bundled in the new version of the suite for file access. MultiNet expands Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server support to include FDDI, CDDI, and Token Ring, as well as previously available Ethernet.

The suite also includes a self-monitoring feature on its NFS server that tells a user when a request cannot be fulfilled. Users are also notified of status when printing across a network.

Cisco MultiNet for OpenVMS is available now via site licenses that start at $37,000 for a 25-system license.