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Study: EU Web sites fail consumers

Many European Web sites lack basic consumer-protection measures such as a privacy policy and information about order cancellations, despite European Union directives requiring them, according to a new pan-European study. The study, carried out by IWD Market Research Institute for World IT Lawyers, found that nearly half--44 percent--of surveyed Web sites did not have a privacy policy or privacy-protection technology. United Kingdom-based Web sites were among the most advanced in this category, with 71 percent having a privacy policy or technology; France was the worst, with 61.7 percent of sites having no such policy.

Despite the unpopularity of junk e-mail, few sites had policies against spamming--just 10.5 percent across Europe. Thirty percent of sites across Europe did not give information on delivery costs, and nearly 60 percent did not provide information on the consumer's right to cancel an order for any reason within seven working days, despite a legal requirement to do so.

Matthew Broersma reported from London. For the full story, visit ZDNet UK.