Start-up doubles up on monitors

Ed Frauenheim
Ed Frauenheim Former Staff Writer, News
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Start-up DoubleSight Displays wants to give computer users more monitor and less window-toggling. On Tuesday, DoubleSight introduced the DS-1500, a monitor composed of two 15-inch liquid crystal displays that sit side by side and are mounted on a single stand. It sells for $799 and is slated to ship to consumers next month. DoubleSight said the product is supported by both Windows and Macintosh computers and can manage several sources of information without time-consuming window switching.

"With respect to recent technology advances in faster processors, larger storage, and quicker Internet connections, the monitor is the last remaining barrier to greater user productivity," DoubleSight CEO Jay Muskovich said in a statement. The DS-1500 allows users to display a different view on each monitor. Users can also spread a single view across both monitors to see more information, the company said.