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Stacking up the chips

It's all about design as the chipset market booms, China gains strength and researchers grapple with nanotubes.

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It's all about design as the chipset market booms, China gains strength in semiconductor manufacturing and researchers grapple with nanotubes.

New demands boosting chipset market to $10 billion

The PC core-logic chipset market to benefit from arrival of multicore processors and other advances, In-Stat says.
August 1, 2005

In building nanotube chips, see what sticks?

Glue worked wonders for art projects in second grade. Now some scientists believe it could be useful for nanotube transistors.
August 1, 2005

China emerging as chip design center

Already a solid player in semiconductor manufacturing, China will rank third in the world for chip design in 2005, says iSuppli.
August 1, 2005

AMD releases budget dual-core Athlon

Release of a new version of chipmaker's dual-core desktop processor comes as the back-to-school buying season heats up.
July 31, 2005

Intel opens design centers for developing world

New centers will examine local conditions and economies to design PCs and components for the people who live there.
July 31, 2005

Grove: From Intel to health care and beyond

Andy Grove urges the health care industry to adopt some of the same practices as the microchip industry.
The New York Times
July 30, 2005

Chip foundries falter, look to future

blog Sales and profits dip in the second quarter, but the last six months of 2005 look better.
July 29, 2005

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Intel to borrow from laptops for server chips

New Xeon chip for blade servers, due out in 2006, derives from the chipmaker's Pentium M family.
July 27, 2005