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Sprint stops data throttling, AT&T faces FCC fine

Could times be changing for throttling? Following the FCC's new Net neutrality rules, Sprint halts the practice, and AT&T faces a $100 million fine for being unclear on how it throttled some customers.

Unlimited plans just aren't what they used to be. (Unless you're on Sprint, that is.)

To avoid any conflicts with the new Net neutrality rules, Sprint has stopped the practice of slowing down data speeds for unlimited customers. Data throttling has become a standard part of today's "unlimited" plans -- but new laws are influencing carriers to make changes. The Federal Communications Commission plans to penalize AT&T with a $100 million fine for not being clear when it throttled speeds for customers.

In this CNET Update report, get a lesson in Data Throttling 101 and learn why the FCC is going after AT&T for something it has done since 2011:

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Not all of this report is data doom and gloom. Update ends with a look at the DxO One in action. This new iPhone and iPad accessory may have you thinking differently about cameras.

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Sprint stops data throttling, AT&T faces FCC fine