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Spotlight on tech earnings

Bellwether high-tech companies sound off, with Apple's profit and strong iMac sales leading the way.

Bellwether high-tech companies sounded off today, with Apple's profit and strong iMac sales leading the way.

Apple drops despite big profit
update Shares of Apple continue to fall despite the company's announcement yesterday that it posted $106 million in profits.

Compaq beats the Street, barely
The personal computer maker's profits tumble 78 percent, but it still manages to just surpass Wall Street estimates.

Intel dips despite earnings news
The chip giant's shares dip nearly 1 percent despite the news that it leapt past Wall Street estimates for its third-quarter earnings.

USWeb beats estimates
USWeb shares move a bit higher after the Internet services provider announces it has surpassed Wall Street estimates for the third quarter.

Seagate profits rise before charges
The disk drive maker's fiscal first-quarter profit before charges more than doubles, but the firm reports a net loss for the period.

Great expectations for Intel, Apple
roundup This week's earnings reports speak volumes about the market.