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Sony's two new minicamcorders let you live stream or drop it in one

The Bloggie Live gets built-in Wi-Fi, while the Bloggie Sport armors up.

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Joshua Goldman
Sony Bloggie Live
Watch this: Sony Bloggie Live scores with built-in Wi-Fi (hands on)

LAS VEGAS--It's certainly looking like the minicamcorder is headed off into the sunset, being beaten down by compact cameras and smartphones. Sony's giving it at least one more go, though, with its Bloggie line with two new models--one fitted with Wi-Fi, the other with a coat of armor.

The Sony Bloggie Live is a full HD minicamcorder (though it'll shoot at 720p at 60 or 30 frames per second, too) with a 3-inch touch screen and built-in Wi-Fi. Connect to a hot spot or other wireless network and you can stream live to Qik.com (assuming you've set up an account there).

You can also use the wireless to upload directly to Sony's new cloud service (yay, another cloud service) called PlayMemories Online. Or, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you can download a PlayMemories app, which will allow you to transfer movies and photos from the Live to the device.

If you're more into the outdoors or just superclumsy, there's the Bloggie Sport that's waterproof to 16 feet, as well as shockproof and dirt-resistant. It'll shoot in full HD and has a touch screen, too, so really it's just a matter of what you'd rather do with your minicamcorder.