Software for Rhapsody due at Macworld

Applications for Apple's next-generation OS will crop up at Macworld Expo next week, including server software for the publishing market from a Germany's Helios Software.

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Applications for Apple Computer's next-generation operating system, called Rhapsody, will crop up at Macworld Expo next week, with demonstrations of new server software for the publishing markets due from a German company called Helios Software.

The software, for PowerPC processor-based systems running Rhapsody, is Special coverage: All the Mac's a stage being targeted at the printing and prepress industry. The software offers typical services provided by server computers such as enabling the computer to act as as a file, email, and print server. The software also allows color separating and matching, proof printing, workflow management, and remote system administration on Rhapsody systems.

The appearance of software for Rhapsody that is designed for the publishing industry is important for Apple as it attempts to market Rhapsody as an operating system (OS) for powerful server computers and high-performance desktops, similar to the markets Microsoft's Windows NT operating system currently addresses. Apple sells computers configured for use as servers in workgroup or departmental applications in the publishing market, even though the company stopped making servers designed for industrial-strength applications.

Software such as Helios' could help persuade users to upgrade to the new OS. Rhapsody will offer important new features, including memory protection, which keeps the system from crashing when one application goes down. Rhapsody will also allow a system to do "preemptive multitasking," which increases performance by dividing processor time between applications more equally.

"Rhapsody has all of the potential to become the preferred server upgrade from MacOS filesharing and AppleShare," explained Helmut Tschermernjak, president of Helios Software, in a prepared statement. Helios notes that the same server software is also available on other Unix-based RISC processor systems with the same features.

Helios says the server software will be made available as soon as Apple delivers when the commercial version of Rhapsody in mid-1998.