Smart NFC food packages might be coming to a store near you

Cans and cartons are getting NFC technology that allows you to tap them with your phone and see product information on-screen.

Brianne Garrett
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NFC technology would allow you to access product information with the tap of your phone. 

Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association

Smart packaging might be heading to a grocery store near you, allowing you to access details about your food with a tap of your phone. 

The NFC Forum -- responsible for promoting the short-range wireless technology -- announced it has partnered with the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA) to create interactive tags and labels for food and other consumer products. It'll potentially allow you to instantly read information on your phone before you buy something. 

You're probably familiar with  NFC technology, which is often used for e-tickets and mobile payments, especially since it's supported by most modern phones. There's packaging that already has QR codes, but NFC technology wouldn't require an app or scanning -- the data is just tap-and-receive. 

According to AIPIA, incorporating this new technology into packaging allows for "enhanced efficiency and security, reduced waste and better control in sales and marketing." But there's no word as to when this technology will officially hit the market, or which food brands will support it.