Siri says Nokia Lumia 900 the best smartphone ever

When iPhone 4S users ask Apple's virtual personal assistant Siri which smartphone is the best ever, the Nokia Lumia 900 takes the honor.

Don Reisinger
Don Reisinger
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Nokia's Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever, according to Siri.
Nokia's Lumia 900 is the best smartphone ever, according to Siri. Screenshot by Roger Cheng/CNET

Apple's Siri virtual personal assistant certainly has said some rather interesting things in the past. But to diss its overlord seems a bit much, don't you think?

When iPhone 4S owners ask Siri which smartphone is the best ever made, the obviously disgruntled virtual personal assistant responds saying it's the Nokia Lumia 900 4G running on AT&T's network. It goes further, stating that the Cyan-colored Lumia 900 stands above all others.

Although it may seem a bit odd that Apple's own service would recommend another phone, it actually makes sense. Siri looked for the answer on Wolfram Alpha, which points to the Lumia 900 when users type in "what's the best smartphone ever?" The high rating is delivered based on "customer review average" across the Web.

The Lumia 900 is certainly no slouch. CNET's review of the device gave it four stars out of five and deemed it "excellent." CNET reviewer Jessica Dolcourt called the Lumia 900 her "favorite Windows Phone yet."

Evidently, it may be Siri's too.

Update 9:14 a.m. PT The Siri query does not appear to be delivering the same results to everyone. Two CNET staffers on the West Coast are now getting Yelp results when asking Siri which smartphone is the best ever.

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