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Siebel taps into CE handheld trend

The front office software developer says it will deliver its CRM applications on several Microsoft CE handheld devices.

Front office software developer Siebel Systems today said it will deliver its applications on several Microsoft CE handheld devices.

Announced at its annual user show taking place in San Diego this week, the Siebel Sales Handheld, which is the first in a series of Siebel handheld customer relationship management (CRM) applications, allows mobile sales professionals to access customer information when they are on the road or meeting with a customer, the company said.

Other business software firms such as Siebel rival Oracle, along with SAP and PeopleSoft, have already offered a similar feature to its users. Last week, Oracle said its Internet-enabled CRM applications will run on various 3Com Palm devices. In August, SAP and Microsoft unveiled plans to develop technology for connecting Microsoft Windows CE-based and other mobile devices to SAP's business applications.

Siebel said its new handheld product line provides a complete exchange of information between laptops, handheld computers, and the corporate server. Through Siebel Sync, which delivers two-way data and application synchronization between the corporate server and the handheld device, users will get the same exact information that is stored on their server so that each member of the sales team is consistently up to date on all customer information.

Siebel Sales Handheld provides sales professionals with instant access to detailed customer information, including their activities, contacts, opportunities, and calendars.

The new Sales Handheld is now generally available, the company said. Pricing starts at $1,000 per user. Other handheld applications, including Siebel Service Handheld, are planned for release early next year, the company said.