SGI showcases business tools

Silicon Graphics unveils two new software bundles, one to create Web storefronts and another to bring up intranets within corporations.

CNET News staff
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NEW YORK?Silicon Graphics (SGI) has unveiled two new software bundles based on its Cosmo software tools, one to create Web storefronts and another to bring up intranets within corporations.

The packages, showcased on yesterday, will be delivered on CD-ROM for customers who buy SGI hardware.

The e-commerce software, called WebForce Commerce Toolkit, is a package of Cosmo authoring software, Cadis Krakatoa tools to create Internet catalogs, and Every Ware connectivity software to tap legacy databases. The Commerce Toolkit uses Open Market's SecureLink software to tie the storefront to legacy transaction systems. A version also is available for Web hosting services. Both include an SGI tutorial on setting up a storefront. The bundle costs $3,000 and will be available in the next quarter.

Optional add-ons include Saqqara's catalog search engine, BroadVision's one-to-one marketing system, and V-One's authentication and security software.

To get a simple storefront up on the Web quickly, SGI is offering a free, turnkey Commerce Jumpstart bundle with SGI hardware. It is based on iCat's catalog software.

The intranet product, called Intranet Junction, helps corporations create home pages and links for a company's intranet, based on SGI's own Silicon Junction intranet. The high-end version, priced at $4,000, includes Netscape's SuiteSpot server software.

A workgroup version, including Netscape's mail and news server software, costs $2,000. Both versions are now shipping.

SGI also announced that its 3D Web browser, Cosmo Player VRML 2.0, will be bundled with Apple Computer's Internet Connection starting in March. Also Paragraph said SGI's VRML browser will be bundled with its Internet 3D authoring tools.