Server slalom: Start your engines

In the wake of Comdex, big iron is the thing for several hardware makers: IBM takes the lead over Sun in some areas, Intel faces challenges, and Dell launches a server for small businesses.

CNET News staff
Thinner but faster, more robust but cheaper. Some of the leading hardware companies are touting server plans, but it's a tight market. IBM for now is at the forefront, but don't discount Sun Microsystems. Meanwhile, Intel has its own server chip challenges, and Dell launches a server for small businesses.

IBM increases lead in server market
While others are feeling some pain in the market, Big Blue is increasing its position as the leader.
November 16, 2001 
Dell unveils server for small businesses
The market-leading PC maker is shipping a $1,400 server based on a 1.13GHz Pentium III processor.
November 19, 2001 
HP tests loyalty with server cancellation
When Hewlett-Packard canceled its venerable 3000 server line, it began aggressive programs to keep customers from fleeing the company altogether.
November 14, 2001 
Itanium flunking Compaq server tests
A Compaq representative said that the company has experienced "sightings" with the 64-bit processor in Compaq's internal testing of its ProLiant DL590/64.
November 14, 2001 
IBM prepares sequel to Summit server
Already Big Blue is contemplating a 32-processor successor as well as plans to license the first model to other companies.
November 13, 2001 
IBM shows off line of high-end systems
Enterprise X Architecture uses a combination of Intel chips and IBM technology aimed at creating lower-cost, mainframe-like servers based on mainstream hardware.
November 13, 2001