Server gives another way to share

Net-It Software will debut a server software suite that competes in the emerging market for intranet publishing tools.

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Net-It Software will debut a server software suite that competes with packages from Lotus Development, Hummingbird, and Xerox in the emerging market of intranet publishing tools.

Net-It Central 2.0 is an enterprise document-sharing application for intranets in medium to large businesses.

The server software package is available in three versions with prices ranging from $1,995 for the Starter Edition to $6,995 for the Professional Edition.

According to the company, Net-It Central delivers documents to desktops over intranets and the Internet, using Netscape Communications' Netcaster and Microsoft's CDF "push" technology.

jDoc is the underlying technology that powers Net-It Central, according to the company. jDoc is written in Java and is Net-It's document representation format. It represents documents as text and a set of graphics primitives that are rendered on the fly by a corresponding viewer, written as a Java applet.

Company executives said when they developed jDoc the emphasis was on speed and compactness. The company set out to create a "document delivery container" that would provide instant cross-platform access to documents without Web browser plug-ins and would work with a variety of data types.

Adina Levin, an analyst with Cap Ventures, said intranet publishing applications like Net-It Central 2.0 are significant because they help lay people in the office share information over the intranet and Internet. "With a lot of companies, end users traditionally had to go to the Webmaster or publisher's desk to publish over the intranet and Internet. With this product, documents can be shared on the Internet without having a bottleneck at the Webmaster's desk."

Net-It Central also features Net-It Docucast technology for creating and managing document channels, using Netscape and Microsoft push products.

The company has also developed Net-It CentralTools, a modular architecture that allows integration of third-party products, like version control and groupware systems.

The company said Net-It Central will be available from the company's Web site beginning tomorrow.