Semel out as Yahoo CEO

Company co-founder Jerry Yang becomes chief executive, but how long will he stay in that post?

CNET News staff
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Company co-founder Jerry Yang becomes chief executive, but how long will he stay in that post?

Yang replaces Semel as Yahoo CEO

The company names co-founder Jerry Yang to be CEO, as Terry Semel shifts to a role as nonexecutive chairman.
June 18, 2007

Is Yang right to run Yahoo?

news analysis Company co-founder will likely be an "interim" CEO, with President Sue Decker on deck, observers say.
June 18, 2007

Yahoo blows its big chance

perspective CNET News.com's Charles Cooper writes that Jerry Yang's second coming isn't the vision Yahoo diehards had when they called for a new CEO.
June 18, 2007

Web gives voice to disgruntled investors

Eric Jackson credits his Internet campaign for organizing disgruntled Yahoo investors and helping to bring about Semel's departure as CEO.
June 18, 2007

Semel's letter to the board

yahoo memo A letter from outgoing CEO to Yahoo's board of directors says it's "time for new executive leadership."
June 18, 2007

Board's letter to Semel

yahoo memo A letter to Yahoo's exiting CEO says he was key to company's success, but that there is "no better person in the world to run Yahoo now" than co-founder Jerry Yang.
June 18, 2007

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