'Scoop of the century' reporter Clare Hollingworth gets Doodled

Google Doodle honors Hollingworth on what would have been her 106th birthday.

Nicholas Tufnell Associate Editor

Clare Hollingworth, the journalist who scooped the start of the Second World War, has been honored with a Google Doodle.

"In commemoration of the gust of wind that led to her first scoop in 1939, we're blowing out the candles for what would be Clare's 106th birthday," notes Tuesday's Google Doodle.

Born in 1911 in the UK, Hollingworth pursued a career in journalism as an adult. A week after joining The Telegraph, Hollingworth was sent to the Germany-Poland border, where she saw a mass of German troops preparing to invade after high winds blew away the fabric screens hiding them from view.

Hollingworth lived an adventurous life, traveling the world and reporting on conflicts in Algeria, Vietnam and the Middle East. She wrote five books based on her reporting. She died in January at age 105.

Despite much of her early work not being officially attributed, Hollingworth went on to win numerous prizes and accolades for her journalism, including Woman Journalist of the Year in the 1962 Hannen Swaffer Awards, the 1994 James Cameron Award for Journalism, and a lifetime achievement award from "What the Papers Say" in 1999.