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SCO introduces its Internet Family

SCO took the wraps off its SCO Internet Family, announcing an all-in-one Web software suite.

SCO today took the wraps off its SCO Internet Family, announcing an all-in-one software suite for Web sites that runs from Intel-based Unix servers.

At Internet World tomorrow in San Jose, California, SCO is also expected to offer Oracle's WebServer 2.0, a server that features database connectivity and high-end security, as an option for its Internet Family products. Last but far from least, the company will unveil a deal with Sun Microsystems to embed a Java engine directly into the company's UnixWare and OpenServer operating systems, sources said.

SCO's Internet Family, which was first unveiled in February and will ship in early June, is founded on the SCO Internet FastStart packages, a $995 bundle that includes a single-user version of SCO OpenServer 5 server operating system for Intel-based systems, the Netscape Communications Server for the Web, the Netscape Navigator 2.0 browser, and SCO Doctor Lite, a utility for system monitoring and management.

Users can extend the capabilities of the FastStart package by purchasing add-on products through SCO, including Netscape Commerce Server, Netscape Proxy Server, the SCO Internet-to-NetWare gateway, and Oracle WebServer 2.0.