Sarah Palin Wikipedia edits--fast and furious

There's nothing like the vice presidential nomination of a relatively unknown (and female) governor to push the Wikipedia edit machine into high gear.

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Sarah Palin's life has been abuzz since she was officially selected as John McCain's running mate on Friday. Her Wikipedia page has, likewise, been awash with activity.

After well over a thousand edits were made to her page that day, the Wikipedia editors raised the page's protection level to restrict who can make changes, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

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Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported evidence via Cyveillance that in the days and hours before Friday's announcement, Palin's page was being edited more frequently than those of other potential vice presidential candidates. A clue, perhaps?

Her page was specifically garnering the attention of someone identified as "Young Trigg," who made numerous edits deemed favorable by a Wikipedia editor.

There has already been much speculation as to who "Young Trigg" may be, especially considering Palin's youngest child is named Trig.

Wikipedia does have specific rules regarding conflict of interest.

However, all it will take to solve the mystery is for someone to track down the identity of "Young Trigg."

On a related note, Palin is trending No. 3 and No. 4 on Twitter at the moment.

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