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SAP software gets some support

NetDynamics and iXOS Software introduce new tools to work with SAP business applications.

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A pair of software vendors plan to introduce new tools for working with SAP's business applications suite, at an SAP user meeting this week.

NetDynamics and iXOS Software will make the announcements this week at the Americas SAP Users Group meeting in Anaheim, California.

NetDynamics is showcasing new Java tools for Web-enabling SAP's R/3 system.

NetDynamics' new Java development tool and server software, called WebExtend for SAP, uses Java to let developers integrate their company's R/3 data with a variety of other corporate databases, from Informix Software, Sybase, Oracle, and other makers.

Corporate developers can also use the software to link their sites to those of their suppliers and customers. These "extranets" are becoming increasingly popular, especially with manufacturers looking for a way to unify their supply chains.

WebExtend for SAP will complete with software from Documentum, which last month began shipping a version of its DocLink software that opens up SAP's R/3 system to corporate data stores. No pricing for WebExtend for SAP has been announced.

Separately, iXOS Software is also using the three-day conference as the setting for its new product introductions. The company is rolling out new network security software for the R/3 system.

The iXOS-Sec graphic user interface software adds to R/3's password security system to safeguard data crossing local and wide area networks. The product uses 128-bit encryption technology developed by Pretty Good Privacy.

A version for the Windows NT operating system is due to ship by mid-May. A Unix version is in development. Pricing has not been set.

As for SAP itself, company officials said there are no announcement planned for the meeting.