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Stand down: Samsung's new speaker isn't an Echo competitor

Samsung announces a new line of speakers, chargers, headphones, and LED lights. But there's no voice-activated assistant, as expected.

Here's the Scoop.

Samsung on Monday announced a new product line to be sold exclusively online, including a Bluetooth speaker, earphones, a wireless charger, an LED light, and Scoop -- what many thought would be an Amazon Echo and Google Home competitor. Alas, it looks to be just a mobile Bluetooth speaker with a microphone for taking phone calls.

Scoop is still the most interesting offering of the bunch. It's a puck-shaped Bluetooth speaker with a strap allowing users to attach it to bags or clothing for music on the go and features a microphone so you can field phone calls on it hands-free. Scoop seems to have all the pieces for a great voice-activated assistant, but not the personality to give it life.

The products will roll out beginning in November, according to Samsung, although pricing is not currently available.