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Samsung tries to get Apple to talk iPhone 5

With Apple's top marketing executive on the stand and under oath, Samsung's lawyers attempt to pry out information about Apple's next iPhone.

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- There's been no shortage of once-confidential Apple information spilling out recently, ahead of the Apple v. Samsung patent trial here. But with the proceedings in full swing, today could have brought the biggest revelation of all.

During the cross-examination of Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller, Samsung's attorney tried to get the executive to talk about a product that hasn't been announced yet.

In an attempt to get Schiller talking about design, Samsung attorney William Price asked Schiller whether Apple's next iPhone model would look anything like existing versions, or if changes were in store.

Apple's legal team jumped up to object the question immediately, telling U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh that an answer would be divulging confidential information. After a brief pause, Koh overruled, saying she would let Price ask the question.

The courtroom went dead silent.

Schiller, looking nervous, sought confirmation from Price of what had just been asked of him. Then he said, "I prefer not to tell confidential information about future products."

Price didn't press for more.

Apple is expected to roll out a new version of the iPhone next month, per numerous rumors. That event is rumored to take place on September 12, by which time this trial will presumably be wrapped up.

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