Samsung still adding 'Touch of Color' to monitors

Three monitors from Samsung. Each with small touches of color.

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Hard to see the Samsung

Samsung has been doing the whole "Touch of Color" (ToC) thing for a few years now. Samsung injects a bit subtle color in monitor bezels, enhancing (depending on your tastes) the aesthetics of the monitor and brands it "Touch of Color."

I don't mind ToC, but I still prefer jet black. My own tastes not withstanding, Samsung is still pushing ToC and it had three monitors at CES 2009 to show it off: the P2070, P2270, and P2370.

Each of the three displays has a transparent bezel with gray shading that gives the edges a crystal-like appearance (as well as making them hard for a camera to photograph).

Each of the new monitors follows this year's trend of 16:9 aspect ratio, with the 22-inch 2270 and 23-inch 2370 capable of 1080p "Full HD" resolution. According to Samsung, they displays also have a 2ms (GTG) pixel response time and each sites on a swiveling stand.

According to Samsung, because of the crystal-like bezel the glare associated with ambient light is reduced. Unfortunately, there was no real way to test this at the CES, so I'll just have to wait until I can get these in the Lab to confirm it.

Each monitor uses a two-lamp low power solution to the backlight and, according to Samsung, uses half the normal wattage of other monitors. Samsung, however, did not make it clear which monitors it used for comparison.

Each monitor also features the transparent glass neck that the LED-based 2370L has. Also, the onscreen display controls have been integrated into the bezel.

Each of these displays will be available in March. Pricing has not been announced.