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Samsung shows retail-ready transparent, mirrored OLED

The new technology utilizes reflective, see-through OLED panels that can be combined with augmented reality overlays powered by 3D cameras. You know, for shopping.

Samsung Display

We're through the looking glass here, shopaholics.

Samsung Display has introduced what it's calling the first mirrored and transparent OLED display panels for commercial use. They were unveiled as part of an exhibit built around personalized shopping at the Hong Kong Convention Centre.

The idea is to make the "consumer purchasing experience more visually engaging," according to the press release. It mentions fitting rooms where customers can model clothing and jewelry before purchase, all with the help of Intel Real Sense, a technology that utilizes enhanced 3D cameras, voice and gesture control, and an automated library of stored "perceptions."

It's primarily a commercial technology for now, but reflective augmented reality in the home is also a possibility. Samsung envisions the displays replacing traditional mirrors, with "digital information services" appearing therein.

Samsung Display

In the future, your mirror will act as a makeup consultant and tell you when it's time to shave. Who's the fairest of them all?

Samsung touts improved picture quality over extant mirrored LCD displays. Meanwhile, in the non-commercial TV world, Samsung has ditched OLED for this year and continued to go exclusively with LCD technology for mainstream flat panels (and yes, SUHD is LCD).

Archrival LG is the only company making OLED televisions for sale in the home, and from what we've seen they do indeed offer improved picture quality over LCD .

Maybe next year Samsung will see fit to move its own OLED TV technology out of dressing rooms and into living rooms.