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Samsung releases new pink Note 5 to combat iPhone 6S in South Korea

The South Korean electronics giant is bringing two new colours of the Galaxy Note 5 to its home country -- just in time for the iPhone 6S' October 23 launch.


The premium smartphone battleground hit a new level of intensity last month when Apple began its ongoing worldwide rollout of the iPhone 6S, which on October 23 will finally hit South Korea. Local giant Samsung, however, is looking to make its Californian rival fight for every inch of marketshare.

On Thursday, the South Korean company announced it will be releasing the Galaxy Note 5 in two new colours, titanium silver and pink gold. Particularly noteworthy is the pink gold variant, which seems to be a direct response to Apple's rose gold iPhone 6S.

Though the announcement only pertained to South Korea, a Samsung spokesperson told CNET that "the introduction of new colour variations for the Galaxy Note 5 will gradually be expanded to other Asian countries but release details are still being worked out."

The smartphone, which has been praised for its strong build quality and camera, now comes in five colours: the new two options, as well as the original gold platinum, black sapphire and white pearl.

Samsung certainly has reason to boost its lineup ahead of Apple's new offering. 13 million iPhone 6S units were sold during the device's first weekend of availability globally. Meanwhile, market analysts at TrendForce expect that Samsung's global smartphone shipments in 2015 will see a 1 percent decline from 2014, following seven straight quarters of falling profits for the company, which is still the industry marketshare leader.

This move also isn't the only market-specific release from the company. On Wednesday the company unveiled the Z3, a 5-inch smartphone that runs on Samsung's own Tizen operating system aimed at India's budget phone market, with a selling price of 8,490 rupees ($130, AU$180 or £85).