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Samsung claims iPad Mini, latest iPod violate its patents

The electronics giant expands its claim of patent infringement to cover Apple's latest iPad and iPod models in its current legal slugfest with the Cupertino colossus.

James Martin/CNET

Samsung charged Wednesday that Apple's iPad Mini, fourth-generation iPad and fifth-generation iPod Touch violate its patents. The company asked a federal district court to add the products to its latest patent fight with the Cupertino, Calif., computer giant.

The Samsung complaint, which we've embedded below, alleges that Apple's latest products infringe the same patent as previous versions of its devices. Samsung essentially claims that "all Apple products including a built-in speaker and an external audio output port" infringe this particular patent, and thus argues that the newest Apple products should be included in the case.

Samsung previously moved to expand the case to include the iPhone 5, which Apple released after the initial suit was filed. The court agreed on Nov. 15.

Apple, of course, previously claimed that a slew of Samsung devices, including Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus smartphones, infringe its patents. The current case is separate from a similar lawsuit that concluded in August with a verdict in Apple's favor that, should it withstand challenge, would require Samsung to pay more than $1 billion to its rival.

Yesterday, the judge in this case ruled that Samsung can review the details of a settlement between Apple and Taiwanese handset maker HTC that ended a similar patent battle between those companies.

Apple and Samsung are due back in court on Dec. 6 for follow-up action on their earlier trial. Some of the issues at stake in that hearing include Apple's request to ban U.S. sales of at least eight Samsung devices and Samsung's motion to toss out the jury verdict entirely.

Here's the Samsung filing from Wednesday:

Hat tip: The Verge