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Rumor: Apple planning late February event?

According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, one of the television firms that works with Apple is gearing up for a late February event on behalf of the company.

Apple could be gearing up for a late February event, according to a report out Thursday.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog reported that Mira Mobile Television, a West Coast television production firm, is hiring in preparation for an Apple event to be held at the end of February. TUAW notes that the listings aren't posted on Mira's site, and it calls its own report an "unconfirmed rumor" based on a single source.

So why give it any credence? For one, Apple's Greg Joswiak earlier this week reiterated the company's plans to introduce the iPhone software developer's kit in late February. It's hard to imagine how a media event heralding a software developer's kit would unfold, but the timing would be right, and the release of the SDK is a significant milestone in the evolution of the iPhone.

Coming off the new higher-capacity iPhone and iPod Touch introduced this week, it would be a bit surprising if Apple chose this rumored event to launch the 3G iPhone, but that would certainly be an equally important milestone. Announcements about additional European carriers as well as the first Asian carriers are also expected in due time.

AppleInsider said it had heard similar rumors concerning a late February event, but was likewise unable to call it anything else but a rumor. Stay tuned, the invitations for these kinds of things tend to go out about a week or so ahead of time.