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RSA ships secure email tools

RSA Data Security ships its S/MAIL 1.0 software tools for building secure communication applications.

RSA Data Security has begun shipping its S/MAIL 1.0 software tools for building secure communication applications, including email based on the S/MIME protocol.

S/MAIL, announced in January, provides a plug-in engine for developers who want secure S/MIME messaging in email clients, EDI software (electronic data interchange), and online service clients. RSA, a subsidiary of Security Dynamics Technologies (SDTI), is backing the protocol.

The toolkit provides a development framework with core cryptographic components, message formatting, message and certificate processing, secure data stores, and a security user interface. The integration of features is designed to provide fast turnaround for developers who don't specialize in cryptography or S/MIME, according to the company.

Vendors supporting S/MIME, which is fast becoming a de facto standard for interoperable, secure email, include Microsoft, IBM, Netscape, and VeriSign.

Now available for Windows 95 and Windows NT, S/MAIL toolkits cost $995. OEM pricing is offered on RSA's Web site.