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Rough times in Redmond

FTC finds holes in Microsoft Passport, while .Net's caught in its own marketing web.

Billions of dollars later, Microsoft's Web services vision called .Net is still caught in its own marketing web. Meanwhile, the FTC finds holes in Microsoft Passport and wants promises the software giant will run a tighter security ship.

.Net name ties Microsoft in knots
The company's massive initiative faces a tough challenge: explaining the meaning of .Net to consumers, corporate executives and investors.
August 8, 2002

Microsoft, FTC reach privacy settlement
The settlement addresses allegations that Passport collects too much information and uses unfair or deceptive practices.
August 8, 2002

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Microsoft flags server application flaw
One of the three flaws found could allow an attacker to take control of the server by exploiting a memory flaw.
August 7, 2002

Another tool for Xbox mod squad
Another "mod chip" that allows Microsoft's Xbox video game console to play copied games has entered the market, despite efforts to thwart such chips.
August 7, 2002