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Reznor nails his way back into App Store

Apple has approved an update to the Nine Inch Nails iPhone app, which it had previously rejected due to objectionable content. Frontman Trent Reznor claimed hypocrisy.

The Downward Spiral, the Nine Inch Nails album that caused Trent Reznor's big rant against Apple.

Well, Apple has finally approved an update to the official iPhone app for industrial-rock band Nine Inch Nails, after previously rejecting it due to objectionable content pertaining to the band's 1994 album "The Downward Spiral." No changes were made from the rejected version

Maybe Apple relented just to shut up NIN frontman Trent Reznor, whose bloggy rant against Apple was pretty much the equivalent of trashing Steve Jobs' hotel room. Not only did he tell Apple to "think your policies through and for f***'s sake get your app approval scenario together," good heavens, he compared Apple to Wal-Mart!

But he had a point. Apple's commitment to standards of decency in the App Store has been schizophrenic at best: it yanked the otherwise harmless "I Am Rich," a moderately hilarious ploy at making well-moneyed doofuses cough up $1,000, but approved the disturbing "Baby Shaker" until a flurry of press saw it taken down. Don't even get me started on fart apps.

But fans of Reznor rage needn't worry. The rocker has plenty of other beefs with the evolving digital music industry, particularly when it comes to experimental online retail. And he's got that five-word Webby Awards speech to look forward to. Let's hope he chooses his words well.