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Retina Display MacBook Pro now in stock at Apple store

Following previous delays of several weeks, the high-resolution laptop is now in stock and immediately available via Apple's online store.

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Those of you eyeing a Retina Display MacBook Pro can now pick up one online with virtually no delay.

The laptops are now officially designated "in stock" at Apple's online store. So you can order one and receive it within five business days via standard free shipping or within two to three business days via $15 expedited shipping.

The Retina Display laptop has teased consumers with a variety of wait times since its debut in June.

Apple initially promised a delay of two to three weeks following the launch of the new MacBook Pro. That quickly rose to a month before inching back to three to four weeks and then settling back in at two to three weeks. The wait time eased further in late July to one to weeks.

The new MacBook Pro is in stock at Apple's U.S. online store as well as in stores abroad, including the U.K. and Japan. Consumers can order the unit online and have it delivered either to their doorstep or to their local Apple retail outlet.

The 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro starts at $2,199 for the 2.3GHz version and $2,799 for the 2.6GHz edition.

(Via CultofMac)