Report: Top Apple marketing exec to depart

Longtime Apple marketing VP Allison Johnson is said to be leaving the company to start a new marketing venture of her own.

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Josh Lowensohn
Allison Johnson

Allison Johnson, Apple's vice president of worldwide marketing, is said to be leaving her post at the company to co-found a new marketing firm.

All Things Digital reports that Johnson, who came to Apple from Hewlett-Packard back in 2005, is still in the process of negotiating her exit.

Johnson's new gig is said to be co-founding a new marketing firm with former Facebook PR executive Brandee Barker.

This would mark Johnson's second departure from Apple, where she had worked previously. During the 1990s, Johnson held the position of director of media relations both at IBM then later Netscape Communications.

Prior to joining Apple for the second time, Johnson had spent six years at HP as the senior vice president of marketing, where she was said to be one of then-CEO Carly Fiorina's closest advisers.

News of Johnson's reported departure comes just a day after Microsoft Senior Vice President Mich Mathews announced her plans to leave the company later this year.