Report: iOS 4.3.2 coming soon

Apple is said to be nearing a release on another minor update for iOS 4.3, which will bring with it a handful of bug fixes and patch some security holes.

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Josh Lowensohn
ios 4.3

iOS 4.3 could be getting another point release update within the next two weeks.

That's according to a story today from Boy Genius Report, citing a source who said that iOS 4.3.1, which is currently available on a number of Apple's more recent iOS devices (short of the Verizon iPhone), will be succeeded by 4.3.2.

Before you get too excited, the report says the update squashes some bugs and security holes, as well as "a few enhancements." This should come as no surprise given that Apple tends to keep major changes, and new features to the main and .X releases.

iOS 4.3.1, which was released near the end of March, was a supplemental update for 4.3, fixing a bug with activating and connecting to some cellular networks, a graphics glitch on the fourth-generation iPod Touch, and a flickering effect for users of Apple's Digital AV adapter, among other rough edges. 4.3 itself had contained the lion's share of changes, including a personal hot spot feature for GSM iPhone 4 users, AirPlay support for third-party apps, and a new JavaScript engine for Apple's Safari browser.