Report: Apple's 30-year ban at California resort lifted

Apple historians tell us that Steve Jobs and his charges were thrown out of the La Playa Carmel in 1983 for their bad behavior. "All is forgiven," the new owners say.

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After being permanently banned 30 years ago for bad behavior, Apple apparently has been invited back to a California resort. La Playa Carmel

Thirty years is a long time to suffer for the bad behavior of a few young and boisterous tech workers. But after being permanently banned from the posh La Playa Carmel resort in 1983 for an evening of skinny-dipping and other misdeeds, Apple executives appear to be back in the fold.

According to SFGate, the new ownership of the La Playa Carmel has decided to extend an olive branch, and Apple seemingly has booked an event there.

Welcome back, Apple: All is forgiven.

That was the message from the new owner of the recently restored La Playa Carmel, where Cupertino's i-Thingies company has booked its first meeting since a raucous Macintosh team retreat in 1983 that reportedly included skinny-dipping and led the previous owners to ban further Apple gatherings.

Author Frank Rose memorialized the hijinks in his book "West of Eden: The End of Innocence at Apple Computer," writing that the 1983 retreat was like a "college beer bash" and noting that some of the hotel's guests were none too pleased with the behavior. As a result, the whole team was asked to leave the following day and never come back.

According to the SFGate report, La Playa Carmel's new ownership seems to recognize the value of having Apple as a client. The resort, located in Carmel, Calif., is about three hours south of San Francisco.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It does appear that the hotel still has a pool. So future guests, beware: Apple is back.